lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

Vermelho em meus olhos em sua boca...

What I'm going to do?...
everyone want try to help me;
But, no one knows how to do that,
All the people think that I'm Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and others,

All the days I'm other.

So, what I'm going to do?
Be a little fog dispersing between the light...

A million of ColorS
going trough it,
Every particle is pulling to a different way.

All of them wants to understand a part of me...
someone wants to know my "Adan's Apple",
Another person thinks that can be the space between my nails and live between.

The people around want to try to be myself.... And think that can choose and make desitions for me... Cuz' think that I can't do it by my own... They watch trough my eyes the face of ' The Medusa ' , every movement of a serpent scare them and they want to save their selfs : Their Hearts, Their Bodies, Their White & Golden Dreams, They feel scared... And scream around a sec. they are petrified and made stone.

Why? I see my hands travel by it lines,
I lost my way,
and under the intersections appear the fine vestige of my reflection, I try to define my boundaries to understand what's going on... and the mirror turns a fractal and then transform, and made itself a cream and lost it form.
Then I became a Marble, like a "Mara's Ball" ... Then I started rolling and lost myself in the eyes of people, cuz' I got a sketch that define the others fears.

All the people want to be a color of it,
To make a correction of color : brightest/ contrast, saturation, blur.... Everything, but they lost they brushes so they back away the homework and left me alone.

In solitude I learned to be a man,
I made myself strong,
I sighed and let my breathe in an envelope to send you later,
to your taste buds,
ANd they don't answer me,
I cryed and burnt myself in the liquor of my tears And I slept this night for a month.

Today, I woke up with the mouth with a liquor taste,
cuz' last night I got dizzy to spin around the center of my heart,
I was a bee, Then...
I cryed again,

And I vomited,
When I did that.... I lost my sight and and sharpen my sting.
And I pricked everyone, I can't recognized the face of them,
The just insulted me and beaten me................................
I lost my wings.

Tired of learning to walk, I learn to run and I alter to a tiger, I tried to fight my instincts but I failed, I commence to eat the humanity inside me and around me,
I eat their heads, and their hearts.... I intoxicating myself with their thinkings, at this moment I Learned to love.

At that time... I met you.
And since then I look at your eyes and lose control of my hands and start to touch ur face shaking my soul, I feel happy, fortunate, georgeous,

I feel great ...

And I absorb my tongue to made a paradise for traveling with you in there,
there I feel like a kid all was a game and a continued flirtation...

(en construcción, no está terminado)

2 comentarios:

Pi dijo...

are you in love, my lovely fenix?

did you remember what I tell you, last time, you´re a "cabrona con suerte" a fuckin "cabrona con suerte"!!.

I love u dear


your hello kitty box, pi pi pi o wherever that u want I´ll be four u.

Take care with the fire! don´t burn your self!


Andreinha dijo...

hhahahahha, I left u at ur imagination...


okeyes.... beijos muitos eu te que muito mmuito !!!